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Welcome to where I have all my music creations, mixes, and programs I have made! Plus the many random things over time that I have crafted!

If you are wondering why the site is very dial-up friendly, it is and mostly to conserve bandwidth on a metered connection.
Also, any site news updates will be posted below. Posts older than three updates are found in the news archive.


+ JAN 19 2017 -Wanted to give you all an update on things going on!
First, I noticed I uploaded the wrong version of New World Party [REWORK].
This was a pre-mastered release and I apologize! So if you have
downloaded the song between December 1st and earlier today, then please redownload.
The version that is up there now is the correct version!
Secondly, I canceled a long running project for a new mix set after running around in circles with it.
This was going to be a House/Deep House mix and I just could not bring myself to finish
working on the set. However, I might still make a Six-Shooter from that project, but not soon.
Pretty much all creative projects are on a hold. No new programs or updates, or mixes.
Life has been taking a lot of free time up so I have not been able to focus on anything new.
But if I do come up with anything new, it will be posted here!
And for those of you providing feedback and pointing out bugs, thank you!
Till the next update! Happy New Year!

+ DEC 1 2016 - Released a rework version of my song "New World Party"!
Check out the Music page for the release! New World Party [REWORK]

+ OCT 17 2016 - Removed the old minecraft mod pack. The server hosting
that version has not been up in a long time.

Updated: JAN 19 2017