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Welcome to where I have all my music creations, mixes, and programs I have made! Plus the many random things over time that I have crafted!

If you are wondering why the site is very dial-up friendly, it is and mostly to conserve bandwidth on a metered connection.
Also, any site news updates will be posted below. Posts older than three updates are found in the news archive.


+ AUG 2 2016 - RandPass v1.2 is out. Some general cleaning, GUI change again
and added the option to create a 40 char long password.

+ JUL 27 2016 - Check out the Programs page for a massive update to JBench!

+ JUN 4 2016 - I updated RandPass back to a different GUI design. I changed
the design multiples times during development, and the final design just
did not sit well with me. I feel the new design is much better!

Updated: AUG 2 2016